My Life’s Top 3 Quotes

Many times in our lives we go through various seasons.  Some painful, some joyful and some really leave their mark as unforgettable.

If you will plot your life from your earliest memory to present, you will see there were certain periods that make up your highest and lowest points. While some will associate a song for these seasons,  (which I also did) or a movie perhaps like “Pursuit of Happiness”, here I will look back at my favorite quotes because they inspired me to get up and press on so here goes:

  1. I’m victorious not a victim. When bad things happen, who doesn’t cry and wallow in self-pity? I did for a time. Pain, rejection, betrayal. Even asked why me? But, it should not end there. After the tears, we get up and move forward.
  2. You cannot give what you don’t have. This is not just for material things but more on the emotional side of it. How can you console somebody when they are sad when you have not felt pain in your life. How can you tell people who have financial problems that everything will be alright when you have not experienced lack and God’s provision? I’m not saying you can’t help and comfort them but it is more sincere from those who have gone through similar experience.
  3. There is a time and place for everything. This is from a book in the Bible, Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon, the wisest King in his time. We have hope. After the tears during the night, joy comes in the morning. Your situation may be painful for a time but it will come to pass.  Then, it will just be a memory you can share, without the tears.






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